23 August 2022

Ferry Surcharge Estonia

Dear clients for NTG East AB     Due to increased direct costs from our ferry liners, we are forced to add a surcharge on all transports between Sweden and Estonia. […]

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18 May 2022

Mobility package adjustment june 2022

Dear valued client, As mentioned in earlier information regarding EU’s mobility package, and the adjustments already made – we reserved the right to perform further adjustments. Our suppliers are now […]

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16 March 2020

Information on COVID-19 situation

Dear Clients and Business partners, As we are all aware the COVID-19 has already caused major impacts in Europe the last week and we expect to see further consequences/restrictions the […]

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22 November 2019

Christmas and New Year 2019/2020

Christmas and New Year begin to come closer and we want to inform all our partners about traffic, departures and arrivals so that you can plan your shipments for the […]

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